Podioslave Tattoos the Earth has launched! A 6 part interview series featuring members of Anthrax, Sepultura, and More!

Tattoo The Earth Ep 1: Tales from the Road (2000)

Here it is, Episode 1 of Podioslave Tattoos the Earth! To kick things off, we invite some friends to talk about where it all started: the original Tattoo the Earth Tour back in 2000. We’re joined by Scott Alderman (TTE Creator), Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour Creator), Naomi Fabricant (2000 Tour Press/Production), Fran Strine (2000 Tour Photographer), and Mike Bellamy (2000 Tour Tattoo Artist). Each guest gives us their perspective regarding TTE, all that went on behind the scenes, and even some wild tour stories (flash floods, concussions, sandstorms and so much more).

About the guests:

Scott Alderman - Tattoo the Earth Creator and Founder. Scott is also an Author, having recently published ‘Caravan of Pain: The True Story of the Tattoo the Earth Tour.’


Kevin Lyman - Vans Warped Tour Creator and Founder. Kevin is currently a Professor at the University of Southern California.

Naomi Fabricant - Press Liaison and Tour Production for the 2000 festival. Naomi is currently the Executive Director for The Scars Foundation (whose mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues, founded by Sully Erna of Godsmack).


Fran Strine - Tour Photographer for the 2000 festival. Fran is currently a Film Director, having recently directed ‘Who You Gonna Call?’ (a documentary about musician Ray Parker Jr).

Mike Bellamy - Tattoo Artist on the 2000 festival. Mike is currently the owner of Red Rocket Tattoo in New York City.


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