Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!


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Top-notch nerdery!

Anthony, Nate, and Tony bring a great combination of knowledge, curiosity, and humor to each episode, inviting listeners into their deep love of music with every episode. The topics are always interesting, the interview questions thoughtful and unique. Pick an episode and hop in. You can’t go wrong. Aaron (from The Itch)

Love this pod

Music is such an important part of my upbringing and life. This pod has become a must listen for me. Great guest and lots of fun reminiscing on fun times🙌🏻💙

Incredible music pod!

These guys know their stuff and love their chemistry!

One of the best music podcasts

Week after week these guys continue to deliver the goods. Extensive music knowledge, passion about every topic, etc all comes through. Keep it up guys!

Yes please

Seriously a great bunch of casual conversations with some solid guests. Each episode I’ve listened to gets better and better, can’t wait to see these boys explode into the mainstream!

Love the interviews!

Great range of guests. Look forward to it every week!

Love the cast

You guys are fun to listen to . I am a big fan of the guests you have on. What you bring to the table is unique and interesting. Also please get Jack Black and the Rage cage in the cast!

All the feels!

Love the podcasts! Reminiscing about all the old school shows is killer! 10/10

A Must for music fans!

Love this podcast! Look forward to hearing these guys and their diverse variety of topics each week!

Great podcast for everyone

Amazing lineup of guests! I definitely look forward to the range of music talked about each week.

Looking forward to more episodes!

I’ve listened to all 8 episodes so far and am looking forward to more from these guys! Fun to listen to and well diverse with their band and concert content. Definitely recommend listening if you are a music fan!

Good interviews

Always and enjoyable listen and like the wide range of musical tastes the hosts bring to the table

Awesome music discussion and insight

The podcast I never knew I needed. Expansive topic coverage, passionate hosts. 10/10 will listen again.

The music podcast I needed

Weekly episodes about music all over the map. I can get behind that. Cool interviews to boot. I’m in

Solid Content

Great podcast, enjoy the different perspectives- keep up the good work guys!

Solid music podcast.

This is a great music discussion podcast from the perspective of three friends that have a wide range of musical tastes. They do a great job on interviews, reviews on modern releases and nostalgia for any nu metal heads from the 90’s. One love. Joe from (Musically Meditated Podcast)


These guys have amazing insight, humor and well rounded knowledge on everything music. It’s like going to a bonfire and hearing cool stories. Then you get these incredible interviews from all walks of life, so rad!! Check out this podcast - it’s gonna blow up!!

Love it

Super rad show. Loved the Long Island episode

The Deep Cut of Podcasts

Love this podcast! You can tell these guys are passionate and they’ve really started to his their stride recently

Amazing Content. These guys rock.

Great content. Love that these guys bring in their own experiences vs just talking about what others say. Great material in each episode and it brings me back to my love for music. Hardcore 5 stars.

New favorite podcast

This podcast has become a staple of my weekends, I look forward to the Friday releases. The interview with Greg from Zebrahead was super cool. It felt like I was sitting down with they guy and asking all the questions I had on my mind. They have also gotten me into new music that I would have never given a chance without these guys talking about it. If you’re into exploring music and learning more about the music you love, especially if you grew up in the 90’s and 00’s, this podcast is a must listen.

Love it!

I look forward to it every week. Three guys taking about music in a way that you feel part of conversation. In a time without live music it’s a great way to reminisce and keep live music in the forefront while we wait for the time we return to the mosh pit.

Nerd Pile

Great work guys! Ok content, excellent tangents. I look forward to each week, keep it up!

Worth a listen

I stumbled across these guys about episode 5 but really enjoyed it. I even went back and listened to more so I had to write a recommendation. Cheers!


These guys keep getting better as things go along....I’m excited to hear more. They definitely enjoy what they are talking about!

On Point

Love the first few episodes so far.....definitely looking forward to more. You can tell these guys love what they are talking about and have a real rapport!

Great Content

Listened to a few episodes and really like what these guys are doing. I can see this podcast getting a huge following, if it already doesn’t have one.

Great music podcast — Subscribed

Love the insight on a wide range of topics - bands, touring, music business/industry. You can tell these guys breathe this stuff