Episode 151 is LIVE! A Conversation with Koyo (Joey Chiaramonte and Harold Griffin)



3 lifelong friends (Tony, Nate, and Anthony) and self-proclaimed music nerds discuss all things music. Podioslave Podcast is a podcast for music nerds.

Episodes range from commentary on the current music climate (touring, music business, etc), deep dives on specifics bands and albums, and interviews with folks from all walks of the music industry. We nerd out on seeing live music, collecting music, and studying the music industry. No genre is off limits; however, you'll likely hear us discussing rock, hip hop, metal, etc. #nerdery.




311 | A Loss for Words | The All-American Rejects | Amen

Anthrax | As Friends Rust | Be Well | Bleeding Through

Blood Has Been Shed | Chronic Future | Deftones | The Distillers

Far | Fit For A King | Freewill | Further Seems Forever

The Gaslight Anthem | Godsmack | GWAR | Hatebreed

(Hed) PE | Incendiary | Killswitch Engage | Koyo | Lybica

The Movielife | onelinedrawing | Out of Service | Primer 55 

Quicksand | Sepultura | Sevendust | Shadows Fall 

Sparks the Rescue| Spose | Sunsleeper | Taproot | Terror 

Thursday | Trawl | Frank Turner | Unwritten Law | The Urge

The Wonder Years | The Workhorse Movement | The World




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