Episode 115 is out now! A conversation with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage/Times of Grace!

Podioslave Ep 3:Music climate, New Pearl Jam record reaction, and early music/album/concert memories

In our third episode, the pod has a current music climate round table (artists performing live from their homes, music streaming numbers being down during the pandemic, etc), we share our initial reactions to the new Pearl Jam record, and finish the last hour of the episode discussing early music/album/concert memories (On this episode: (0:00) Intro. (3:35) highlights from artists performing live from their homes -POS from Doomtree, Dave Matthews, Third Eye Blind. (11:08) discussion on music streaming numbers being down during the pandemic and how artists are reacting. (17:47) New Pearl Jam album 'Gigaton' initial reactions. (26:22) we nerd out for 12 mins. (38:23) we each discuss our early music memories, starting with early albums and first exposure to music -some include Nirvana - Unplugged, The Offspring - Smash, Green Day - Dookie, BMG/Columbia House mail order, Beavis & Butthead music video reviews. (67:30) the episode ends with discussing our first concert/show experiences - Rustic Overtones, Barenaked Ladies, Woodstock 99, and countless Nu metal/metal shows (Nullset, Candiria, Reveille, E Town Concrete)