Episode 115 is out now! A conversation with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage/Times of Grace!

Episode 79: A Conversation with Damien Moyal of As Friends Rust - 20 Years of ‘Won’ and more

In our 79th episode, we’re joined by Damian Moyal, vocalist of As Friends Rust (among many other notable bands including Shai Hulud, Culture, Morning Again, Bird of Ill Omen, and most recently — Damien Done). We talk the mid 90s, Damien’s start with As Friends Rust, the Doghouse Records years, a 20 year look back at ‘Won,’ and much more. This was a special conversation for us, as ‘Won’ is one of the best melodic hardcore/punk records of all time. Come for the “Won” discussion, stay for the Greta Van Zeppelin rants! We chatted with Damien for nearly 2 and a half hours — the last hour or so will drop later this year. Keep an eye out for a 2nd episode.

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(On the episode (0:00) Podcast and episode/guest intro. (2:25) Interview with Damien starts. (87:17) Post interview reaction and thoughts.)

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