Episode 115 is out now! A conversation with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage/Times of Grace!

Episode 35: The State of the Music Industry - Streaming and Live Music

In our 35th episode, the pod takes a close look at the current state of the music industry — focusing on a few headlines pertaining to streaming and live music. 2020 has been a wild one for the music industry and who better to look at where we’re at and where we’re headed. Headlines include Spotify’s new pay to play model, major label revenue being up year over year, and Ticketmaster’s technology investments geared towards getting live music back on its feet. In typical Podioslave fashion, this episode is chock full of predictions, tangents, and everything in between. (In this episode: (0:00) Podcast and episode intro. (6:50) Spotify’s pay to play model (19:01) Major label revenue being up year over year. (36:42) Ticketmaster’s tech investments to get live music back). Check us out www.podioslave.com