Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
Aug. 8, 2022

Tattoo the Earth Ep 3: Past and Present w/Shannon Larkin (Amen/Godsmack) and Brian Fair (Overcast/Shadows Fall)

Tattoo the Earth Ep 3: Past and Present w/Shannon Larkin (Amen/Godsmack) and Brian Fair (Overcast/Shadows Fall)
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In Ep 3 of Podioslave Tattoos the Earth, we talk with two legends in the game, Shannon Larkin (Amen, Godsmack) and Brian Fair (Overcast, Shadows Fall).

Shannon gives us some insight into the 2000 tour, being involved in a bunch of projects, and how Amen toured the world with Slipknot.

Brian returns to tell us how the Overcast reunion/comeback came about, being excited to play the 2022 version of Tattoo the Earth, and seeing tanks roll down the street in Turkey.

Both of these conversations are can’t miss!

Check out Tattoo the Earth at: 
Web: https://thepalladium.net/tattoo-the-earth/
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IG: @shannonlarkin_13
And @godsmack on Twitter and IG

Check out Brian Fair here:
IG: @brianshadfall
Twitter: @brianshadfall
Overcast IG: @overcast.hc
Shadows Fall Twitter/IG: @shadowsfallband

Photo credits:
Shannon Larkin: Fran Strine
Brian Fair: Return to the Pit

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