Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
Jan. 24, 2022

Episode 98: Bucket List Live Bands - Nas, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, etc

Episode 98: Bucket List Live Bands - Nas, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, etc
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In our 98th episode, the 3 of us come to the table with bucket list live bands. These are bands that we haven’t seen before, but would love to see at some point (if possible). As always, we didn’t share our lists beforehand!

The show starts with a recount of Tony’s trip to see our friends in Trawl (peep episode 57) open for the mighty Nonpoint in NH!

Don’t forget to check out Tony’s guest appearance on the Playlist Wars Podcast, where he puts together the best 10 song Green Day playlist known to man (The Battle of Green Day Episode - available on all streaming platforms). You can vote for Tony at www.playlistwarspodcast.com

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(On the episode: (0:00) Podcast intro, Tony seeing Trawl and Nonpoint live. (3:34) Tony on the Playlist Wars podcast - The Battle of Green Day Episode. (4:49) Main segment starts: Bucket List live bands).

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