Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
May 9, 2020

Episode 9: Interview with Greg Bergdorf / Zebrahead – Former lead guitarist and founding member

Episode 9: Interview with Greg Bergdorf / Zebrahead – Former lead guitarist and founding member
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In Episode 9 of the Podioslave Podcast, Greg Bergdorf, founding member and former lead guitarist of Zebrahead , joins us. Zebrahead is a punk band from SoCal/Orange County California, which Greg was a part of from 1995-2013.  This episode touches on early touring history, a snapshot into the early days of the band, how they formed, how they got signed, Ron Jeremy, and even a story about proving to Lemmy how metal Zebrahead really was. If you’re a fan of Zebrahead, you’re going to love this episode.

(On this episode: (0:00) Introduction to the podcast and episode. (2:00) Interview with Greg Bergdorf starts. Greg reflects on his time with the band and what he’s been up to lately. (9:11) Digging into the early days of the band, what it was like in the late 90s in SoCal music scene, how they got signed, etc. (22:50) Meeting Ron Jeremy and his cameo on the first album, the hidden track at the end of POTY, and label talk. (27:05) Grammy Award nomination and working with Lemmy of Motorhead. (33:38) Early days of learning and playing guitar (42:58) Deep dive into Zebrahead tour stories and international following, history of the band name, Zebrahead possibly coining the term ‘Bootylicious’. (54:37) General music talk, current music scene, and re-visiting the OC scene, etc (73:03) Post interview thoughts and reaction to the episode. (79:00) In true Zebrahead fashion, we have a bit of a hidden track to the episode with some bonus conversation with Greg. Thanks for listening!

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