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Nov. 22, 2021

Episode 89: A Conversation with Steve Ewing of The Urge/Steve Ewing Band

In our 89th episode, we’re joined by the one and only Steve Ewing — vocalist for The Urge and The Steve Ewing Band. We talk Steve’s come up, the early days of The Urge, their melding of many different styles, and more. Ever wonder how they named “Master of Styles” and “Receiving the Gift Of Flavor”? Want to know how they fared playing in front of 5000 Korn fans? Listen here and find out!

Transition music: The Urge - “Brainless” (Live - 20th Anniversary recording)

Fade out music: Steve Ewing - “Sweetest Enemy”

Check out Steve and his projects at:

Steve’s IG: @steveewingmusic

Steve’s Twitter: @steveewing

The Urge IG: @theurgerocks

The Urge Twitter: @TheUrgeRocks

Steve’s Hot Dogs IG: @steveshotdogs

Web: www.steveewingmusic.com

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