Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
July 19, 2021

Episode 71: Interview with Jameson Ketchum (Author, Music Journalist, Publicist)

Episode 71: Interview with Jameson Ketchum (Author, Music Journalist, Publicist)
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In our 71st episode, we’re joined by Author, Music Journalist, Publicist, Podcaster — Jameson Ketchum. We chat with Jameson about his start with music and getting into the industry, his time on the road as a tour manager, and spend a fair amount of time chatting about his new book that’s now available (Name Dropping: Seeking Creative Truth Through Trendy Altruism and Punk Rock) — link below. Jameson is as genuine as it gets — you’ll dig this episode!

Transition music leading into the interview: Fallstar - ‘Cloud Chamber’ (Facedown Records)

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(On the episode (0:00) podcast and episode/guest intro. (1:50) Interview with Jameson Ketchum starts. (64:33) Post interview reaction and thoughts.)

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