Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
June 7, 2021

Episode 65: Don’t Call It A Comeback - The Comeback Album Episode

Episode 65: Don’t Call It A Comeback - The Comeback Album Episode
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In our 65th episode, we dive head first into comeback albums. Our definition of “Comeback Album” is not simply new music after a long break - it could be a new member, a rebound after a flop, or certain band dynamics shifting.  In true Podioslave fashion, we dissect the why and the how. Do comeback albums always live up to the hype? Listen and find out!

We open this episode with: a reflection on latest week’s episode with Greg Bergdorf, a reaction to a punk show promoter in Florida charging unvaccinated attendees $999 and more!

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(On the episode: (0:00) Episode intro and a reflection on last week’s episode. (5:51) Reaction to a punk show in Florida charging $999 for the unvaccinated. (11:44) Discussion on if musicians be able to physically and vocally be able to handle getting back on the stage - looking at you Vince Neil. (18:33) ‘Don’t Call It a Comeback’ segment starts).

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