Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
May 24, 2021

Episode 63: The Festival Episode

Episode 63: The Festival Episode
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In our 63rd episode, the pod talks all things festivals. This is the perfect time to talk festivals, as not only is festival season approaching, but this year marks the anticipated return of live music. We take a look at a number of the recent announcements and react to them. Is Lollapalooza worth going to this year? How about Riot Fest? Is Bonnaroo back and better than ever? Where does the Pitchfork Music Fest fit into all this?

We open this episode with: a live music round up - which shows we are most anticipating, and a ‘guess the price of this musician/artist’s Cameo’ game — over/under style!

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(On the episode: (0:00) Podcast intro and live music round up. (9:14) Guess the price of this musician/artist’s Cameo game starts (24:14) Festival segment starts).

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