Episode 151 is LIVE! A Conversation with Koyo (Joey Chiaramonte and Harold Griffin)
April 26, 2021

Episode 59: Interview with Frank Turner (Singer/Songwriter)

Episode 59: Interview with Frank Turner (Singer/Songwriter)

In our 59th episode, we’re joined by the one and only, Frank Turner. We talk a little about Frank’s come up, starting with Million Dead and then the transition to his prolific solo career. We also get into how busy he’s been during the pandemic, with various live streams, a socially distanced show for the UK government, and what it means to Frank to be in a room playing music for people, no matter the size. This was a wonderful conversation, please enjoy!

Intro song - Imperfect Tense (via Xtra Mile Recordings)

Outro - Live Fast Die Old (via Xtra Mile Recordings)

Check out all things Frank Turner at: www.Frank-Turner.com

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(On the episode: (0:00) Podcast and episode/guest intro. (1:31) Interview with Frank starts. (41:09) Post interview reaction and thoughts).

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