Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
Jan. 18, 2021

Episode 45: Who Will Save Us From 2020?

Episode 45: Who Will Save Us From 2020?
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In our 45th episode, the pod discusses bands and artists we want to hear new music from in 2021. These could be confirmed releases, rumored releases, or even pipe dreams. In the absence of live music and with everything going in the world, we’re anticipating new music more than ever. #musictherapy

Other topics of discussion include a reaction to a Rolling Stone article about the future of streaming platforms & podcasts and news about concerts possibly making a return in Fall 2021 per Dr. Fauci.

(In this episode: (0:00) Podcast intro and contest/giveaway details. (3:22) Reaction to Rolling Stone article. (19:31) Reaction to concerts possibly making a return in Fall 2021. (23:22) Main segment - Who We Want to Hear New Music from in 2021).

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