Episode 157 is LIVE! A Conversation with Brent Rambler of August Burns Red!
July 11, 2022

Episode 122: Tiger Beat for Misfits

Episode 122: Tiger Beat for Misfits

In our 122nd episode, we’re back in person for the first time since episode 76, nearly a year ago. Coming to you live from an undisclosed location in Maine, we dig back into Nate’s abundant nerdery storage. Similar to episode 26, the three of us take turns pulling magazines out of a large bin, and riff off what we come up with. With the likes of Kerrang, Alt Press, Rolling Stone (and some surprises), what could go wrong?!

We start the episode with a look back at our conversation with Blothar the Berserker of GWAR, and a look ahead to the special project we’ve been teasing. Be on the lookout for a trailer in the coming week!

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