Episode 169 is LIVE! A Conversation with Chris Wrenn of Bridge Nine Records!
May 2, 2022

Episode 112: A Conversation with Out of Service

Episode 112: A Conversation with Out of Service
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In our 112th episode, we’re joined by east coast indie rock band - Out of Service. Mike (Vocals), Teebs (Guitar), and Brian (Bass) come on the podcast to talk about the early days of the band, signing to Enjoy the Ride Records, the overall creative process, and their new album ‘The Ground Beneath Me’ — dropping on June 3rd. Come for the stories behind the album features (John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday, Devin and Toby from Emery, and more), stick around to see what’s next for the band. Podioslave prediction: Out of Service will blow up in 2022. 

Opening transition music: Out of Service - “A Moment Trapped in Time” 

Fade out music: Out of Service - “The Fall” 

Both songs are from the forthcoming album “The Ground Beneath Me” 


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